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The Good Lad Initiative aims to promote “Positive Masculinity”, and in doing so, to enable men to deal with complex gender situations and become agents of positive change within their social circles and broader communities. To achieve this fundamental objective, GLI seeks to engage with organizations and individuals of all genders and backgrounds.

Their primary activity is the running of workshops for groups of men within a range of environments including sports teams, university colleges and faculties, workplaces and secondary schools. Workshops are an hour long and focus upon a diverse range of issues such as consent, sexual harassment, masculinity, peer pressure, banter, social capital, power and responsibility. The focus is on a series of scenarios developed from real life situations. They believe the scenarios involve difficult issues and are, therefore, genuinely worthy of reflection. Ultimately, their focus is not upon telling men what to do, but equipping them with a powerful, alternative framework with which to decide for themselves.


Sports for Schools brings top GB athletes into primary schools to inspire children and teachers. The athletes do a fitness circuit with the whole school and give a talk that delivers important messages about sport and physical activity, grit and determination.

During the events, children encourage each other to complete the circuits, cheering along to music. No one is left behind – the circuits are completed and enjoyed by each and every child regardless of physical ability. 96% of schools that receive a visit deem their events to be “good” or “excellent”. These proven results have triggered a change in attitude that significantly increases the amount of exercise children do.

The children are sponsored for taking part and completing the fitness circuit with the athlete in order to raise money for PE Equipment at their school. To date, Sports for Schools have visited over 1.5 million children, raising over £2.5million for new Sports Equipment.