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Being ManKind is more than just a book. We run an outreach programme to bring the conversation to schools and youth organisations

How are we reaching young people?

Our ultimate aim is to use the Being ManKind stories to ignite conversations in schools and youth organisations in a creative, engaging and unique way. We have created a series of lesson plans and workshops to accompany the donated books. The plans, for 9-11 years and 11+ years, are perfectly suited for schools and Pupil Referral Units (PSHE or registration period/ form-time), youth organisations and older groups (e.g. prison).

Each session addresses a different, thought-provoking topic, such as body image, mental health and relationships. The common thread throughout the series of eight sessions is to inspire young people to be open, honest and individual thinkers. Feedback from students demonstrates the power of using real-life experiences to raise important issues, “I liked reading about other people’s stories, they taught us that we should treat others equally” (Year 8).

When asked about what messages they had learned, one Year 6 student summed it up perfectly; “To be proud of who you are and to be an excellent role model to others”. It also reinforced the need to foster these conversations in mixed-sex groups where possible, as we strongly believe that we all have a part to play to make change happen. These amazing young people are the future, and we are driven to spread our stories and resources nationwide and beyond.

Our lesson/ workshop plans are currently being delivered in a number of schools, Pupil Referral Units and other organisations:

  • Uxendon Manor primary school
  • New Horizon youth centre
  • Wetherby Preparatory school
  • Glenbrook primary school
  • New Regent’s College
  • Paxton primary school
  • Ilderton primary school
  • Parkside Community college

Being ManKind lesson / workshop plans


  • "As a teacher of teenage boys, I found the Being Mankind sessions to be particularly compelling and a vital starting point for the boys to discuss issues that relate directly to them.”

    Emily Trevitt
    Wetherby Prep School
  • “Fun! Innovative! Inspirational! This sums up the PSHE sessions in the classroom through the thought-provoking book - Being ManKind. PSHE lessons have been re-energised with core values which make us human. The children have been thoroughly engaged through stimulating, hands-on activities; from making prototype plans for a toy to team building towers. Lifelong skills which go beyond the classroom."

    Nasima Morshed
    Uxendon Manor Primary School (Year 6 teacher)

If you are working with young people, or if you are a young person wanting to find out more, please do get in touch


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