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Being ManKind is more than just a book. We run an outreach programme to bring the conversation to schools and youth organisations

How are we reaching young people?

Our ultimate aim is for donated books to be read by young people in schools and youth organisations throughout the UK to spark conversations around the important topics raised. To fulfil our aim, we are following three approaches: 1) Lessons/ workshops – Each session uses stories from the book to focus on an important topic – e.g mental health, identity, body image – and form a structured discussion around the issues raised, with suggestions for activities to extend the learning. We aim for these sessions to take place during PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), or as a series of longer workshops. 2) Book clubs – Being Mankind stories are read and discussed in small groups in a less formal setting. Ideally, we are working to promote peer to peer involvement by electing older students to facilitate the group session. 3) Responding to the author – encouraging young people to read a Being Mankind story each week and write a response to the author. The aim is to link the story with previous experiences or learning, and encourage the reader to clarify, reflect on, and prioritise feelings, actions, and behaviours.

Read the stories here

Lesson/ workshop plans have been developed for older primary school students (key stage 2, 10-11 years), and secondary school students (key stages 3, 4 and older, 11+ years).

We are currently in the piloting stage, but the revised plans will be available to access from this page early next year.

If you are working with young people, or if you are a young person wanting to find out more, please do get in touch


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